Tansel is a 4 x Australian Memory Champion helping people and organisations learn faster, be more productive and improve their memory and mind performance.



  • “Tansel Ali is a very inspirational speaker and a real down to earth, genuine character who proves that anyone can have a vast, quick and accurate memory if they harness his powerful techniques. The presentation he gave was loads of fun and full of easy to understand, practical techniques we could all use immediately to boost our memory and creativity. Tansel kept everyone engaged and interested throughout the talk by involving the audience in practical memory demonstrations as well as dedicating significant time afterwards to answer many audience questions.”

    Google, Australia

  • “Tansel was a star performer at the first FACETS event — TEDxDubbo. His speech was excellent and funny. We hired him as a Speaker because we’d seen his skills on a TV show and thought wow! We were privileged that he answered the call and shared his ideas with us. I recommend him for a Speaker if you need an interesting, engaging, highly memorable guy.”

    Andrew Ward, Organiser TEDxDubbo

  • “Tansel’s understanding of memory enabled him to provide practical advice to marketers about how to get their messages remembered. At short notice Tansel was able to prepare a breakfast presentation that worked in well with two other speakers. He made a real difference to the enjoyment and learning from the session. We would highly recommend him.”

    David Donnelly, Owner Instinct and Reason

  • “Tansel is an engaging and upbeat presenter and kept participants engaged throughout the session. It’s surprising how quickly his methods on retaining information can be understood and implemented. In an age where we are overwhelmed by information and detail, it’s good to know that there are techniques out there that work.”

    Executives Assistants Victoria

  • “Tansel Ali provided an enlightening experience which provided an incredible impact to our members to improve our mindsets in delivering results and connecting with people. His coaching services are now a fundamental aspect of our club commitment to growth and excellence. Our audience was amazed as to Tansel’s ability to remember all our names in the room and the recalling of figures.”

    Stephen Rando, ANZ Toastmasters President

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