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Tansel Ali
4-Time Memory Champion

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Tansel Ali is one of the world’s leading memory experts.

An international bestselling author of the books, The Yellow Elephant: Improve Your Memory, And Learn More, Faster, Better andHow To Learn Almost Anything In 48 Hours’,Tansel helps thousands around the world improve their memory and learning performance.

A 4-time Australian Memory Sports Champion, Tansel has represented Australia internationally in memory championships in London, Malaysia, and Japan, and has shattered numerous memory records. The most remarkable feat however came when Tansel memorised two Yellow Pages phone books in only 24 days for a viral PR campaign. That was over 20,000 digits of numbers fully memorised!

Tansel’s memory feats and expertise are regularly featured on TV shows, documentaries, podcasts, radio interviews, as well as popular magazines and newspapers. A memory coach for over 20 years, Tansel’s aim is to share the very memory techniques that changed his life to others so they too can benefit and transform their lives. Check out Tansel’s client transformation success stories by clicking here.

Beyond his memory expertise, Tansel is an award-winning AFL Multicultural Community Ambassador with the Richmond Football Club. He has also been a Celebrity Ambassador for the Crohn’s and Colitis Association in Australia and volunteering his time helping others to live a better life.

Over the years Tansel has initiated many ground-breaking projects and events such as:

  • The world’s first School Mind Games event
  • Chinese language learning framework developed with PriceWaterHouseCoopers and The University of Melbourne
  • Organising the Australian Memory Championships
  • Organising the Where Neuron’s Connect Conference
  • Licensee organising and curating TEDxDocklands in Melbourne

Tansel has obtained a Double Master’s Degree in Information Technology (MISM) and Business (MBA) from the Australian Graduate School of Entrepreneurship at Swinburne University, along with various other training, coaching, event management and language certifications. He lives in Melbourne, Australia.

Once a metal guitarist for a band in Melbourne, he still records at home today using Ibanez and ESP guitars and is currently teaching his kids how to down tune their guitars for maximum heaviness.

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