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Frequently Asked Questions

  • You have a challenge or difficulty you want to solve and you want it solved as soon as possible! I will help you overcome that challenge once and for all and eliminate any stress or anxiety that issue has been causing you. We work as a team and get shit done.

  • If you have memory difficulties, retaining large information, learning challenges, need to pass professional certifications/exams, or just want to master your brain, memory coaching is for you.

    Similarly, if you are a high performer that is after a mental edge over your competition, then training your memory can yield remarkable results.

  • To maximise the benefits, I recommend fully engaging in all aspects of the program, including the memory coaching sessions, practical exercises, and utilising the continuous support offered.

    Being proactive in applying the learned strategies to your daily professional and personal life will also enhance your experience. Pick my brain!

    If you are open to learning, have a growth mindset and deeply committed to working on yourself, then you will definitely get the most out of memory coaching.

  • Yes! I will help you overcome your memory problems or other mental challenges within our program duration or we keep working together until you do. In addition, I will provide ongoing support post coaching to ensure you achieve success.

  • The duration of coaching depends on each individual’s needs and how long it will take to achieve their goal. My programs range from 6 weeks to 12 months which include 30 minute weekly sessions, practical exercises, accountability check-ins, progress reports, daily support, and advice on practical implementation of new knowledge.

  • You can choose between in-person sessions in Melbourne or online meetings via Zoom, tailored to your schedule and location. Sessions are 30 minutes per week.

    Our sessions go through the memory coaching process outlined above.

  • You will have access to a variety of resources, including exclusive materials prepared by exclusively by me, tools for enhancing the mind and strategic thinking, and additional reading and practice exercises.

  • Yes, you can find a variety of testimonials on my website as well as my professional Linkedin profile. These testimonials reflect over 20 years of my work with individuals across different sectors, highlighting the impact and value of memory coaching. The testimonials also offer insights into the benefits and transformative experiences individuals have had working with me in various professional and personal development contexts.

  • While memory coaching is tailored for ambitious individuals, the learning is applicable across a wide range of professions. Anyone seeking to enhance their mental performance and strategic thinking will find value in one-on-one memory coaching.

  • Tansel Ali is a renowned 4-time Australian Memory Champion, international bestselling author, celebrity memory coach and keynote speaker with over 20 years experience helping individuals master their mind.

    Click to learn more about Tansel.