Regularly featured on TV as a celebrity memory coach, Tansel has been helping individuals one-on-one for over 17 years.

The areas Tansel covers in his coaching are

– Memory techniques
– Learning faster & better
– Speed reading
– Public speaking & recall
– Personal development
– Organisation skills
– Communication skills

– Motivation
– Reducing stress
– Time management
– Productivity
– Confidence
– Self-esteem
– Solving complex problems


Remembering Names
How To Study Better

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  • “Public speaking is most people’s greatest fear, but Tansel helps you to feel excited to get on stage and test your memory skills! His expert memory mentoring helped me to learn my presentation in under 20 minutes and deliver it on the day verbatim without notes.

    I’ve never learned anything so fast, and only wish I had Tansel to coach me when I was at University learning French. He made the experience presenting at TEDx a pleasure and a career highlight. It was such fun working with Tansel in the lead up to the event. Not only a great memory expert, he’s a fantastic event organiser and speaking coach. I will be forever grateful for his memory mentoring as I continue to present and speak in the future.”

    Tiffiny Hall, founder of tiffxo.com and TEDx presenter

  • “Tansel is an outstanding personality. Working together with him has not only changed my life but most of all my mindset. It is amazing to see what the human brain is capable of — with Tansel I boosted my brain power and self-conscience. In summary: Tansel is the most lateral thinker I know. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!”

    Markus Finke, Adobe

  • “As a coach, Tansel has a light touch and an easy-going manner, but don’t be fooled: he is ruthlessly focused on helping you discover and inhabit the life you want. He helped me making cultivating my creative self-habitual with memory techniques, a daily practice as routine as brushing my teeth but much more rewarding. With his engagement in my best outcomes and growth, breaking a national record at the Australian Memory Championships once seems merely a dream but thanks to Tansel’s incredibly thoughtful planning in coaxing my strengths and laser focus for achievement, we discover that the possibilities are endless. Post-coaching, I feel braver and more confident in my ability to follow through with my memory athletic journey. I am continually impressed by his dedication of his life to helping others unleash their true genius and brainpower to learn anything faster and live a life of greater purpose, power, and productivity. I highly recommend you get to know him and be captivated by his catalyst for success!”

    Kathy Lang, Director 3 Pebbles

  • “Thanks so much for our coaching session! I was able to learn all 36 songs in a week, around working full time. The gig last night was a success! Thank you for sharing your techniques, and also helping me regain my confidence with my memory… Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!”

    Amanda Canzurlo, Musician

  • “The one-on-one coaching sessions with Tansel have seriously been one of the best investments I have made for my personal and professional development. Tansel is very supportive in his teaching style and provided me with the tools and knowledge to realise the full potential of my mind. I feel a lot more confident in my role at work and feel like the sky’s the limit now with my personal and professional goals. It’s now up to me to practice what I have learnt with the assurance that Tansel is available for support even after the intensive 5 week course has been completed. Cheers Tansel — you rock!”

    Liz O’Loughlin, City of Monash