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12 Tips To Train Your Memory For Better Consistency


    1. Learn and create a Memory Palace.

    2. Enhance your imagination abilities through models like SMASHIN SCOPE and VAI.

    3. Practice small amounts per day, as opposed to larger chunks

    4. Train with different materials such as numbers, words, names, playing cards, street names, instructions, directions, even other languages.

    5. Use a log tool such as a spreadsheet to track your progress

    6. Attach memorisation to a habit you already have. E.g. Walking the dog with enhanced visualisation.

    7. Train with others.

    8. Get others to test your recall regularly.

    9. Jump on

    10. Eat slowly and visualise, sense and feel the food deeply.

    11. Write down a short 1 minute summary of whatever it is you just read

    12. Help others with their memory.


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