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3 Quick Memory Tips For Kids


    As a parent I’m always looking at ways to best help my children make the most of their little brains.

    Here are 3 quick memory tips you can help your child with right now that will start building fundamental mind skills to help with school and everyday life.

    1. Add extra dimension to reading

    If you have a younger child, don’t just read the contents of the books with them, get them to visualise the images coming to life, create scenarios with the content, develop imaginative stories and associations for that one page.

    If you’re an impatient parent this probably won’t work, but the time and effort put into this really does help a child with their mental performance.

    2. Get them to draw what they have read

    If your child loves to draw then this is a no brainer. Incorporating drawing skills with contents of what they’re reading helps their brain encode abstract data a lot better.

    Make sure you guide your child to use their imagination, colour, and think of various scenarios they can extend on their knowledge of what they’ve read. It also helps with their comprehension.

    3. If drawing is not their thing, have them tell you a story that either extends on what they’ve read or create a side story from one of the characters. Think of it like an offshoot of the book. Have them exaggerate and have fun.


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