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3 Techniques To Reduce Mental Clutter


    I had two amazing coaching chats today on Zoom regarding the use of mental energy and mind techniques for mental performance.

    Often when we are under pressure there are various narratives, scenarios, ideas, thoughts and emotions all mixing with one another which can create overwhelm and/or pressure to perform.

    A few techniques to reduce mental clutter include:

    • Focusing on one task at a time

    Multi-tasking is a bad idea which can create these multiple scenarios in the mind and decrease focus. One task means that all your energy will now be directed towards it, hence creating better focus.

    • Is it useful?

    As soon as a rush of thoughts and scenarios are created in your mind, ask yourself the question, “Is this useful?”. If it isn’t, then discard and move forward.

    • Less is more

    This is a whole book on to it self. By doing less you are having to worrying about less. Minimalism and decluttering thus far has been such a huge movement due to this.


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