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3 Tips To Help Your Reading Momentum


    Does it take you a few pages to warm up when reading a book?

    In the case of speed reading this happens a lot since many people can find it a challenge to steer the ship as they navigate their way through a book.

    I was never great at reading past chapter two of any book because it would take mental energy to try and understand, hence I had to go back and re-read, to only have to go back and re-read again!

    Here are 3 tips you can try to keep up the momentum for your reading and remember more.

    1. Read the two pages you last read

    It not only helps you revise, it can help you build the reading momentum you need to start that next chapter in full brain motion. Think of it like doing stretches prior to exercising.

    2. Read with your finger or a pen, and read faster

    This is counter to what we’ve been taught at school. The faster you read the more you will need to concentrate on the words and context. This is obviously made a lot simpler with speed reading techniques.

    3. Relax your mind and keep calm

    If you have thoughts racing in your head it can make concentration a lot more difficult. Think of reading like going into your own meditation space. Establish your own Zen reading mode.


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