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3 Ways To Improve Your Memory Faster


    Memory improvement is a gradual process which requires self-discipline and training. So how can you improve your memory faster?

    Here are 3 ways you can improve your memory faster.

    1. Use imagination and visualisation to your advantage

    Anytime you see words, sentences, phrases, numbers, letters, symbols, basically anything that is of abstract in nature, use your imagination to make it memorable.

    If you’re reading a contract and it says it must be signed by April, imagine signing the contract with fountain pen dressed up as the Easter bunny! Although this sounds ridiculous, it helps you encode a lot faster and assist in rapid memory development.

    2. Watch YouTube videos, read articles, books, blogs

    Back in 2002 I first started Googling memory techniques and found some amazing websites that really helped me get the kickstart into memory improvement.

    Now you have a ton more resources like YouTube explaining memory concepts and techniques that help you understand how memory works and how it can be implemented. My own blog is inspired to help people commencing their own personal journey into memory.

    3. Attend courses, seminars, online lessons, and coaching

    If you’re serious about developing your memory skills then I highly recommend seeking the experts and learn how to implement these skills into your daily life.


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