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4 Tips On How To Overcome Imposter Syndrome


    Do you suffer from imposter syndrome?

    Believing that you are not as competent as what people believe may feel like a humbling thing. However, if it is persistent, then that is indeed a problem.

    When I first wrote my bestselling book and appeared on TV something didn’t feel right. Even though I had many accomplishments, there was something that didn’t sit well with me being the go-to expert in my field.

    Eventually I snapped out of this and thought I’d share some of the things I did that helped me overcome imposter syndrome.

    1. Take the focus off myself and on to the message, cause, communication

    Why am I doing what I do in the first place? Thinking of the higher cause and fighting for it gave me motivation to do what I do. That this was greater than myself.

    2. Learn more and constantly up skill myself to have greater impact

    Even though I was an expert in my area, there was always more to learn. However, my mindset was not learn more so you can eventually not be an imposter. It was learn more because you want to be of greater value for people.

    3. Don’t aim for any form of success.

    This is a big one. I believe success is not an outcome or result. It is who you are. Focus on the process. The things you need to do, rather than an end goal. Doing so will eventually help you attain your goal anyway.

    4. Relax and enjoy the process.

    Doing so will give you greater progress than trying really hard.


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