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7 Study Tips For Passing Exams


Are you studying for an upcoming exam?

Reduce the stress, manage your time better, reduce procrastination and most of all, pass that dreaded exam!

Whether it be the Bar exam, GAMSAT or even the most difficult of them all – the Master Sommelier Exam, the process remains relatively the same.

With this simple 7-step process my clients for the above exams had not only passed, but totally went beyond all expectations!

The process is as follows.

  1. Organise all your learning materials

  2. Mind Map any study notes, textbooks, questions, and so on

  3. Visualise your organised information (Using memory principles)

  4. Memorise only the information you need to memorise (Using memory techniques)

  5. Test your recall and understanding

  6. Adjust, rearrange and re-visualise to cement learnings

  7. Solidify knowledge to be ready for the final exam


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