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8 Reasons Why Your New Year’s Resolution Will Fail (Miserably)


    A new year beginning. New goals, dreams and vision of a better self are on the cards. Yet most resolutions end up as illusions, as millions fail in the bid to achieve what they initially wanted to. A new beginning, a better ‘me’, ends up being the same old tune sung every year.

    Here are 8 reasons why your new year’s resolution will most likely fail. Miserably.

    1. You lack discipline

    Discipline is being able to do what you need to do, when you need to do it, whether you like it or not. For example, if you’re wanting to lose weight you need to be active regularly, especially at times when you don’t feel like it.

    Get into the mind frame around being able to work for your goals at the most difficult times. Such sacrifices will lead you to not just achieving your resolution, but creating a successful habit. One which will help you with whatever you want to tackle in life. But you can’t be bothered, because you just want to sleep in, or don’t want to feel any pain. In that case, failure is the only option.

    2. Not passionate enough (No feeling attached to your resolution)

    Your sense of urgency and drive is quite powerful Jan 1. But as the months roll on, that same drive and passion are hit with the true test of the happenings of life. You need to first create an image of your resolution in your head. Then hit it with emotion, and lots of it.

    For example, if you wanted to learn a new language or skill, write it down and then immediately visualise how cool it would be to speak that language. How would it feel?

    Write down ALL you would feel, and then keep at it regularly. How would you feel speaking the language when travelling, or for work? What will happen if I don’t exercise? Ask yourself these questions and build your mental imagery up. The more emotion and feeling the greater your pursuit will be — Positive or negative.

    3. You’re lazy

    Admit it. You can’t be stuffed. It’s the people in this world that can be stuffed that get ahead in life. Provide yourself a valid, emotional reason to get your ass into gear. Emotion as discussed above, will pump you up more than a simple statement or sentence for your resolution.

    4. You lack direction

    Your resolutions end up being “too hard”. You’ve gone through the initial steps, however realised that it’s going to take much more energy and effort. At this point you start to lose the direction of what you should be doing as things start getting overwhelming, and you slowly give in.

    Create a plan. Map it out if you have to with all the possibilities and actions to do in order to get there. Put time and effort into planning your resolutions and you will have an indication of how long, how realistic, or unrealistic things will be.

    5. You lack accountability

    Research shows that being accountable in your actions will increase the chances of success for your resolutions. If you’re accountable to yourself, then set KPIs or metrics and stick by them religiously.

    What helped me to memorize 2 Yellow Pages phone books was that I tweeted my progress daily. This held me accountable to all my followers and friends. If you visit my earlier tweets you will still be able to see.

    Discipline is necessary. If working with others, then the chance of success is greater as you’re now accountable to one another and don’t want to let each other down.

    Have a search around. Are any of your family and friends have the same resolution? Are you willing to work together? Any clubs, societies, and memberships you can join? You can let yourself down, however letting others down is seen as a greater letdown. So get in amongst it and work hard.

    6. You get the “Too busy” syndrome

    In my coaching sessions often people tell me they simply “don’t have the time” to go out and do what they want to be able to do. People can easily overcommit themselves, work multiple jobs, have families, as well as other responsibilities. It’s easy to add more to life, but it’s much more difficult to take stuff out.

    Plan out your day from the night before. Reduce the times you look at emails, social media, cut down meeting times in half, get rid of distractions and save time. Practice the art of the pomodoro technique. You will be surprised how much time you really have. Once you come to that realization, work on your goals.

    7. You forget

    You have a vague recollection of your resolution. Because you have a bad memory! Or it could be that you didn’t pay attention in the first place. Learning memory techniques is not just about having the ability to remember, but to create successful habits of the mind.

    The human capacity to imagine is incredible and if we can imagine being successful, then we can mentally and physically work towards it. Visualization is the key to memory. So try and use your imagination for everything! It will help.

    8. You get caught up in negativity

    There will be people out there trying to bring you down. I still get it myself. If you get caught up in negativity and start to worry about your ability, then you will surely fail. Instead, dwell upon your positive feelings and emotions you’ve created in point 2.

    Your goal is for the passion to override the negativity. Think of the reason, have the passion behind it and then go hard. It’s not meant to be easy, but it is oh so rewarding once you get there.


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