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Are You A Learning Disruptor?


    Most of us have undergone our entire education life through rote learning. The ability to try and remember information through repetition. The majority of the world still works this way, and probably will for some time still. As learners and educators, we take this as the standard and only way of learning.

    Yes of course other methods are acknowledged. However, when it comes down to it, at the end of the day, the safety and ease of rote learning wins out. It’s been done for decades, so it’s a proven system right? It’s produced so many academic champions and shaped learning culture, especially in our schools, around the world. Many countries are masters of rote learning.

    However there is one thing.

    Repetition sucks. It takes time and we often forget and are forced to repeat over and over again. It’s a tireless act of hours and hours of brain straining mental gymnasium that can be stressful. Many have mastered the art of repetition. However, most haven’t.

    In fact, students are given so much information they don’t even have time to repeat over and over again, hence they end up forgetting. Come examination time they undergo the ritual of overnight cramming. Repeating that one last time, (often the night before an exam) all the knowledge that was communicated to them in written and electronic form, so that it is all there come testing time.

    Even this is a widely accepted form of learning!

    I was never the master of cramming. I couldn’t bare the long hours, plus I’d get super stressed.

    My eyes first opened up when I came across memory techniques. I had always assumed I had a bad memory. I took it as a natural thing. Learning memory techniques was different to say the least. It engaged my creative side of the brain that was dormant for such a long time. I’ve always been quite imaginative and creative, however barely any of it was used for learning and studying.

    This was because I was learning by rote. The battle had begun. Rote vs whole brain learning. The result of that war, let’s just say changed my life completely. Whole brain learning, with the use of memory techniques such as Mind Mapping, linking systems and speed reading won in a big way. So I didn’t stop there. I thought if I can help myself, imagine what it could do for other students studying. Hence my journey into teaching others memory begun.

    20+ years on, and I’m now known as ‘disruptor’ to learning. Someone who has taken traditional forms of education and flipped it on its head using innovation through memory systems and strategies to benefits that are much more efficient, effective and manageable in the busy lifestyles that people lead. Last year I taught students how to memorize and read books in minutes, not weeks.

    I’ve helped executives remember names and build rapport and confidence much faster. I’ve helped people memorize their lines and speeches in only minutes. I’ve seen people change their mindset totally and be happy after being stuck in a rut at work doing the same thing over and over. I’ve helped people reduce stress and even pain! All using memory strategies.

    I currently teach people how to learn any language in a month using the simplest of memory techniques. These are not crazy and outlandish as one might think. You do not need to be a genius, or someone with a huge IQ, EQ, RQ, ZQ, F21Q….etc. All that is needed is a go. Change can happen as quick as you can think. In fact, as soon as you make up your mind. It is up to you whether you want to try something different to get ahead or stay in safety. The choice is yours my friend.


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