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I work with many stressed and busy executives that always complain about their memory and how they don’t have enough time to do the things they should be doing or learning, such as remembering people’s names! So I’ve decided to share some exercises with you that can help ease the situation and give comfort knowing that you can be much more productive with some basic exercises.

5 Memory Exercises For Busy Executives

    Training your memory can help you become a more mindful leader. It will also give you the tools to ‘connect’. This is a huge component of memory, the ability to connect. Whether it is to people, goals, vision, mission, knowledge, anything you want to connect to, memory training will help. Before we answer the question of how training your memory helps you connect, we need to first understand the reason to want to connect.

    Leadership and Memory Training

      In relation to my career, I know what training my memory has done for me. It has given me new found confidence in my abilities to always get the job done. It has increased my self-esteem where I am motivated to take clear concise action, without worrying about consequences. It has enabled me to kill procrastination and create laser-like focus so I can do a better job.

      How To Enhance Your Career (Learn More To Earn More)

        Most people think memory is all about remembering things. However, if we delve deeper we start to realise and unlock the amazing potential of what our minds can achieve. If you can read four-times faster with greater comprehension, and be able to retain that information, how would that make you feel?

        Why Improve Your Memory?

          We have so many logins these days it’s difficult to remember them all, but we do know that using the same password repeatedly is neither secure nor smart. Even so, many websites demand a minimum of eight alphanumeric characters, including capital letters, and some workplaces insist you change your login each month! Memory techniques take the guesswork out of remembering multiple passwords.

          How To Memorize Passwords

            Here’s something for a bit of weekend fun. The secret to memorizing playing cards.

            Memorizing playing cards is fairly easy and requires only 3 steps;

            1. Creating Card Images

            2. Memorizing the images in a memory technique

            3. Recalling the cards

            How To Memorize Playing Cards (One Image System)

              Below is an 7-step guide to learning anything in 48 hours. Applied with the techniques and tips from my upcoming book, ‘How to Learn (almost) Anything in 48 Hours’, it will create a structured process for you to follow and make sure you’re on track to achieving learning success.

              7 Steps To Learn Anything In 48 Hours

                I came across research for High Intensity Training, otherwise known as HIIT on a BBC TV documentary featuring Dr. Michael Mosley. The purpose of the study was to do with exercising, and how training for 3 minutes a week can get the important benefits of exercise.

                Improve Your Memory In 60 Seconds!

                  Most of us have undergone our entire education life through rote learning. The ability to try and remember information through repetition. The majority of the world still works this way, and probably will for some time still. As learners and educators, we take this as the standard and only way of learning.

                  Are You A Learning Disruptor?

                    I wrote my first book, The Yellow Elephant, in just 10 days. It is just over 200 pages and 40,000 words. You would argue if a book was written that quick that it would be rushed and somewhat lack some substance or quality. After all, how are you going to think of everything you need to add into the book in such a short time?

                    How To Write A Book In 10 Days