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Tansel Ali

The Fastest Way To Learn A Language

The thought of learning and speaking a new language can be exciting and yet daunting at the same time. Millions around the world have done it. However there’s millions also that are struggling, even though they want to learn so badly. Nowadays it is an essential skill, especially at work, to speak multiple languages.

How I Memorized 2 Yellow Pages Phone Books (In Just 24 Days!)

One day I received a phone call from a PR company. I had been recommended by a colleague as a memory expert to undertake a challenge not many people would even think of. The PR company wanted me, as the Australian Memory Champion, to memorize the Yellow Pages as part of a marketing campaign for the brand.

How To Remember and Not Forget Speeches

You may have heard the statistic more people in the world fear public speaking more than death. People are scared to get up and talk in front of an audience. What if they forget? What if they stuff it all up? How would they be seen by the audience and by their peers?

12 Creativity Tips For The Non-Creative Type

When I’m training I get two types of people — Creative and the not so creative. About half the people I train are not on the creative side. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. It’s just that I need to focus on different strategies to attend to their needs, rather than play the strengths of the creative.

How To Remember Numbers The Easy Way

Without any technique, numbers-whether they be telephone numbers, anniversary dates, PIN numbers or product codes-are very difficult to remember. However, I memorised over twenty thousand digits in eighteen days. If I hadn’t used a technique and instead just repeated them ad nauseum, I would not have remembered more than seven or eight digits.

4 Steps To Memorizing Books

Want to know what a book is all about without having to read all of it? Here’s a cool way of using mind mapping to grasp the content of a book. It doesn’t take long and can even be done without speed reading. I call this the keyword map. It can be applied to a whole book or a section of a book, such as a chapter. Here’s how it works.

7 Tips To Reduce Stress At Work

I was invited to Iran in 2014 to talk at the International Conference on Memory and Stress Management, I thought I’d share some tips with you from that event on how to reduce stress and become a happier worker.

Here are 7 quick ones I have for you.

World’s Quickest Speed-Reading Course

I was never a reader. I didn’t read much at school and even throughout my university life. I have no idea how I passed but I was quite fortunate that I did. Then again, studying Information Systems didn’t exactly present you with library of texts to consume. I use to see leaflets and flyers around university for speed reading claiming that you can read twice as fast and improve comprehension, but I just didn’t take it seriously and to an extent, didn’t believe it.