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Tansel Ali

Life can be tough at times, and it’s natural to feel overwhelmed, anxious, or stressed when things aren’t going well. But rather than getting caught up in negative thoughts and emotions, there are techniques you can use to manage your stress and maintain a sense of balance and calm. One such technique is mindfulness.

5 Ways Mindfulness Can Help You Overcome Stress and Thrive in Tough Times

    Memory training is practising the skill of memorisation through a series of exercises. There are countless exercises to train your memory. More importantly, is the ability to improve your performance on those exercises which builds up mental capacity, processing speed and strengthens the neural connections created in the brain.

    5 Steps For Faster Brain Encoding & Processing

      Unfortunately, we weren’t really taught how to learn in school. We were given homework, tasks and exercises to do. However, very rarely we were shown strategies to implement absorbing the knowledge, questioning it, reflecting back on learning, and arranging the information in a way to retain better.

      Learning How To Learn

        A new year has begun. New goals, dreams and vision of a better self are on the cards. Yet most resolutions end up as illusions, as millions fail in the bid to achieve what they initially wanted to. A new beginning, a better ‘me’, ends up being the same old tune sung every year. Here are 8 reasons why your new year’s resolution will most likely fail. Miserably.

        8 Reasons Why Your New Year’s Resolution Will Fail (Miserably)

          Most people just want to be able to speak in another language. Here’s a 6-stage process I’ve developed for learning to speak any language at the most basic level.

          How To Learn ANY Language Fast!