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Tansel Ali

Have you ever tried speed reading? If you think speed reading is just reading really fast, skimming or skipping words, you’d be dead wrong. You read every single word.

How Speed Reading Actually Works

    Imagination — we all have it, we all use it, but not all of us know the power that it yields to help us do extraordinary things. If you use your imagination, you can remember anything. It’s as simple as that. When people think of memory, they think of repetition and the stress associated with it.

    The Role of Imagination

      A Memory Palace, otherwise known as the Method of Loci, Journey Technique or Location System is a memory technique that enables you to remember large amounts of information in sequential order.

      What Is A Memory Palace? And How Do I Use It?

        Are you a slow reader? Do you often go back to re-read something to simply just not remember it again? I used to be a terrible reader. I would read a couple of pages and my mind had already wandered to everything else except for what was in the text.

        How To Combat Your Slow Reading Speed

          Trying to remember anything can be stressful. The reason is because there is no strong memorisation process. Repeating something over and over is a weak form of memorisation. Unfortunately, this is all we are ever taught at school. Memory techniques are a set of principles and skills that incorporate storytelling, visualisation and emotion to capitalise on the immense power of your brain to not only remember a whole lot better, but build mental connections to perform at a higher level.

          Memorisation Is Not Just Remembering

            Quick insight from one of my coaching sessions the other day. My client has been experiencing increased productivity and confidence after implementing various strategies we went through. I asked how they were feeling and they said fantastic and that everything seemed a lot easier and they were more relaxed.

            Complacency Warning!

              Creating greater focus also means reducing clutter in your head. It can be extremely difficult to focus if you have many things on your mind. If you’re someone who’s always “busy” then this can also mean your mind is busy as well.

              How To Create Focus For a Busy Mind

                Being a keynote speaker I’m only always worried about one thing – The impact I’ll have on the audience. I don’t care about making mistakes, remembering perfect sentence script structure or even how I’m feeling.

                Don’t Just Speak Information. Have an Impact.