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Awesome Speed Reading Training Tip


    Here’s a tip I give my coaching clients regarding speed reading.

    Get books for your “Normal” every day reading
    Get books for “Training” your speed reading

    This will help you feel at ease when you’re reading your day to day books without any fear of making speed reading mistakes.

    The training books also give you a huge playground to test out many forms of speed reading exercises, encoding activities, as well as stopping and pausing, breaking up your reading to ensure you’re learning from mistakes and learning from set exercises.

    Here’s another cool bonus of training books – You can go to a bookstore or purchase books online at various categories that have no significance or interest to you.

    Training on books that you would never ever read will challenge your brain further as there will be different themes, contexts, language, abstract style information that may be more difficult to comprehend. This is perfect for training.

    “Knitting 101” by Carri Hammett here I come!


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