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Boost Your Creativity Through Boredom!


    Have you ever had a great idea pop up whilst having a shower or on the toilet? If so, then did you know that being bored puts you in that same brain space?

    We often try do our best to avoid any situation of boredom.

    I find my kids a great example. Being school holidays at the moment I usually hear the dreaded, “I’m booooooored”.

    After explaining how great boredom is for your mind, I’m shocked at how opposed they are at the idea of sitting still and doing nothing. Seriously, which child would not do such a thing?

    As adults however, we have the mental capacity to understand how powerful a moment of creativity can be.

    As mentioned in an earlier post, you can’t force creativity. You need to put yourself in situations to enable your mind to be free.

    Being bored can be one way. Be bored my friends.

    Have a lovely weekend!


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