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3 Quick Memory Tips For Kids

As a parent I’m always looking at ways to best help my children make the most of their little brains. Here are 3 quick memory tips you can help your child with right now that will start building fundamental mind skills to help with school and everyday life.

7 Study Tips For Passing Exams

Are you studying for an upcoming exam? Reduce the stress, manage your time better, reduce procrastination and most of all, pass that dreaded exam! Whether it be the Bar exam, GAMSAT or even the most difficult of them all – the Master Sommelier Exam, the process remains relatively the same. With this simple 7-step process my clients for the above exams had not only passed, but totally went beyond all expectations! The process is as follows.

7 Back To School Study Tips For Students

It is that time of the year once again. The slate is fresh, parents are anxious, excited, and want the best for their child. If you are a student, or even a parent reading this, here are seven tips to help you transition back to school in the most productive way and get ahead of the class!

1. Mind Map your textbooks!

This is probably one of the best things you can do as a student. Mind Mapping, if you don’t know, helps you to organise large amounts of information on to one big page. It looks like one big map with squiggly lines known as branches.

Motivation To Learn During A Pandemic

Covid-19 has thrown daily routines and schedules away for many people causing mental instability, in particular to learning. Learning itself is quite an active task. There is a fair bit of effort and energy that goes in to the activity of learning. When routines are affected, extra energy is required in order to engage in any learning task. This is where challenges can present and make it difficult for anyone to take on the task of learning.

How To Learn How To Achieve Success

Because I’ve memorised two Yellow pages phone books, broken memory records, written two international bestselling books in ten days, whilst completing two Masters Degrees and working two jobs, people think that I’m gifted with super powers.

To say these achievements were a result of being born with a special gift annoys me. It discounts a lot of the sheer amount of hours and hard work, adversity and stress and efforts put in to make those accomplishments a reality.

3 Key Tips To Learning In Lockdown

Being in lockdown has given most of us some valuable time. While it’s great to have time for ourselves, learning can still feel like a challenge, despite having more capacity to do so.

It’s extremely easy to eat more, watch tv, procrastinate, play games, and the like, because our brain has a natural tendency to go towards those activities as there’s less effort involved in mental encoding. Add the rush of endorphins from binge-watching your favourite Netflix shows, and learning can seem like a very distant chore. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

7 Steps To Learn Anything In 48 Hours

Below is an 7-step guide to learning anything in 48 hours. Applied with the techniques and tips from my upcoming book, ‘How to Learn (almost) Anything in 48 Hours’, it will create a structured process for you to follow and make sure you’re on track to achieving learning success.

Are You A Learning Disruptor?

Most of us have undergone our entire education life through rote learning. The ability to try and remember information through repetition. The majority of the world still works this way, and probably will for some time still. As learners and educators, we take this as the standard and only way of learning.

How To Write A Book In 10 Days

I wrote my first book, The Yellow Elephant, in just 10 days. It is just over 200 pages and 40,000 words. You would argue if a book was written that quick that it would be rushed and somewhat lack some substance or quality. After all, how are you going to think of everything you need to add into the book in such a short time?