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Memory Techniques

Making Visualisation Powerful For More Engaging Storytelling

How do you make visualisation powerful for more engaging storytelling? Memory training and improvement begins with enhancing one’s visualisation process in order to tell better stories. Stories is what connects. Stories provide engagement in the brain which helps to remember.

What To Do To Remember Names Better

Last week in the news President Joe Biden looked like he forgot Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s name. These things can happen. However, in a professional setting it does look bad. Has this ever happened to you? Is this something you’re afraid will happen to you? Forgetting names can be a real fear. I know, because I’ve been training people for close to 20 years helping them with this specific fear.

Memory Tip Monday – Names Memorisation

Here are 2 steps for you to try out. 1. Make a word association. E.g. Tansel = Tinsel, Claire = Bear, John = Toilet (Sorry John’s). 2. Connect the word association to information about the person. Some examples below of both imaginary and real life information about the individual.

How To Memorise The Major System

One of the most asked questions I get as a memory coach is about people wanting to memorise The Major System. The Major System is a phonetic model designed to better assist with number memorisation.

How To Remember and Memorize Names

Here’s the scenario: You are the CEO of a large organisation. You get called into a meeting where there are several employees and stakeholders present that you haven’t yet met. One by one they reach out to shake your hand and tell you their name. You sit down and prepare yourself for the meeting. However there is just one thing — you’ve forgotten the names of the people you just shook hands with. What a bummer!

How To Memorize Passwords

We have so many logins these days it’s difficult to remember them all, but we do know that using the same password repeatedly is neither secure nor smart. Even so, many websites demand a minimum of eight alphanumeric characters, including capital letters, and some workplaces insist you change your login each month! Memory techniques take the guesswork out of remembering multiple passwords.