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Memory Techniques

How To Memorize Playing Cards (One Image System)

Here’s something for a bit of weekend fun. The secret to memorizing playing cards.

Memorizing playing cards is fairly easy and requires only 3 steps;

  1. Creating Card Images

  2. Memorizing the images in a memory technique

  3. Recalling the cards

Improve Your Memory In 60 Seconds!

I came across research for High Intensity Training, otherwise known as HIIT on a BBC TV documentary featuring Dr. Michael Mosley. The purpose of the study was to do with exercising, and how training for 3 minutes a week can get the important benefits of exercise.

The Fastest Way To Learn A Language

The thought of learning and speaking a new language can be exciting and yet daunting at the same time. Millions around the world have done it. However there’s millions also that are struggling, even though they want to learn so badly. Nowadays it is an essential skill, especially at work, to speak multiple languages.

How To Remember and Not Forget Speeches

You may have heard the statistic more people in the world fear public speaking more than death. People are scared to get up and talk in front of an audience. What if they forget? What if they stuff it all up? How would they be seen by the audience and by their peers?

How To Remember Numbers The Easy Way

Without any technique, numbers-whether they be telephone numbers, anniversary dates, PIN numbers or product codes-are very difficult to remember. However, I memorised over twenty thousand digits in eighteen days. If I hadn’t used a technique and instead just repeated them ad nauseum, I would not have remembered more than seven or eight digits.

4 Steps To Memorizing Books

Want to know what a book is all about without having to read all of it? Here’s a cool way of using mind mapping to grasp the content of a book. It doesn’t take long and can even be done without speed reading. I call this the keyword map. It can be applied to a whole book or a section of a book, such as a chapter. Here’s how it works.