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Memory Training

7 Real Life Benefits of Memory Training

Many people believe memory training is just exercising your memory. Whilst this may be true, there are many other real world benefits of memory training. Here are 7 to get you started:

Training Your Memory Leads To Higher Performance

Training your memory is actually not very difficult. All you need are a set of techniques and ways to train so that you’re working your mental muscles. That’s it. Think of it like physical training. If you see someone running on a treadmill, you know they are exercising. Just like physical training, memory training also has various exercises like running on a treadmill, riding a bike or even squats.

3 Ways To Improve Your Memory Faster

Memory improvement is a gradual process which requires self-discipline and training. So how can you improve your memory faster? Here are 3 ways you can improve your memory faster.

How Often Do You Need To Train Your Memory?

A common question I’m asked is, “How often should I train my memory?”. The answer is simple. As much as you can! Unlike the physical self, mentally we can go way further than we think. In fact, it is the mental side that drives us to go to the extreme physical lengths you see from those fitness beasts today. When I used to train for memory competitions, I used to start at my mental worst! Which was around 12:00am when I was drained from my day.

Parents Guide To Memory Training Kids

Over the years I’ve worked with both children and their parents to harness the power of memory techniques to learn and perform better in daily life. Some of these children have had severe learning difficulties such as ADHD and Dyslexia. With the power of memory techniques and strategic approach to their learning, they have achieved a greater sense of accomplishment and confidence to take on the world.

12 Tips To Train Your Memory For Better Consistency

  1. Learn and create a Memory Palace.

  2. Enhance your imagination abilities through models like SMASHIN SCOPE and VAI.

  3. Practice small amounts per day, as opposed to larger chunks

  4. Train with different materials such as numbers, words, names, playing cards, street names, instructions, directions, even other languages.

  5. Use a log tool such as a spreadsheet to track your progress

5 Quick Tips To Master Your Memory

To be able to master your memory and become an expert, I suggest the following:

1. Read as many books, articles, websites, and information you can on memory improvement.

2. Practice what you’ve learned through that knowledge. Knowledge is useless if it is not practiced. So as soon as you learn something, practice it as much as you can.

Leadership and Memory Training

Training your memory can help you become a more mindful leader. It will also give you the tools to ‘connect’. This is a huge component of memory, the ability to connect. Whether it is to people, goals, vision, mission, knowledge, anything you want to connect to, memory training will help. Before we answer the question of how training your memory helps you connect, we need to first understand the reason to want to connect.

Improve Your Memory In 60 Seconds!

I came across research for High Intensity Training, otherwise known as HIIT on a BBC TV documentary featuring Dr. Michael Mosley. The purpose of the study was to do with exercising, and how training for 3 minutes a week can get the important benefits of exercise.