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Islam Makhachev vs Alexander Volkanovski – Mental Performance Takeaways

Yesterday I witnessed one of the most amazing UFC fights I’ve seen with Islam Makhachev vs Alexander Volkanovski. Congrats to Islam Makhachev for the win by decision. As a mental performance coach and 4 x Australian Memory Sports Champion, I couldn’t help myself but study each fighter’s move for weeks leading into and during the fight.

The Importance of Modelling Behaviour | Especially To Our Children

Had a great coaching session this morning on NLP and one of the topics was on the importance of modelling behaviour, especially to our children. Here are a few mind hacks that subconsciously has a positive affect. Do these whilst your children are at home and most importantly CAN SEE YOU.

Memory Training For Higher Performance

When people want to train their memory, it’s not always necessarily to “remember” better. There is almost always a deeper concern that has not yet been addressed. As a coach it’s my job to delve deeper and find out what that issue is and address it so that you not only have the knowledge, but the skills to implement in your daily life as well.

How To Create Greater Focus With Memory Training

Having many things on your mind can overwhelm and end up in tasks not being accomplished, procrastination, delays, and even forgetfulness. Many of my coaching clients approach me with their goal of achieving greater focus, without realising that their issue is mental overwhelm. Fix the mental overwhelm and the result can be greater focus.

Need Help? Don’t Be Afraid To Ask

I was cordially invited to a men’s gathering a couple of nights ago. Instead of being a stock-standard networking event, the night was based on meeting the actual person and learning more about them, and if need be, offering anything we can help with. Help from purely a human perspective, caring about the individual and connection rather than making “that client”.

tansel ali memory expert champion

I Always Thought I Had a Terrible Memory

I always thought I had a terrible memory. I would forget names, what people were speaking about, and reading felt like a chore as whatever I was reading, I had to go back and re-read. Even then I would still forget! My memory was terrible for studies too. It took me three years longer to obtain my Information Systems degree because I kept failing one subject, over and over again (4th time lucky!)

Being Busy ≠ Being Productive

Ever come across this type of conversation?
“How are you?”
“Very busy, yourself?”
“Oh mate, flat out. Busy as..”
Unfortunately, most people interpret being busy as being productive.
However, this cannot be further from the truth.
Analysing the word “busy”, there’s usually something else going on deep inside you that you can identify as the core problem.

How To Manage Overwhelm (Create Greater Focus)

Feeling overwhelmed? If you have too many things on your mind you have too many stories going on inside your brain. There was a stage in life I was working many jobs, studying two masters degrees, looking after family/kids, whilst writing my book and dealing with toxic people. When there’s too many things going on, not many things tend to happen. There is a loss of FOCUS. How can you create greater focus and reduce overwhelm? Here are 6 tips for you to try that work for me.