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Enhancing Learning and Memory Through The Power of Journalling


    I feel like many people know the benefits of journalling.

    However, not many do the act.

    And I get it.

    I personally found another use for it.

    I use it with my clients to help them learn better.

    There really are no rules for journalling.

    So I have my clients write down their memory progress.

    Instead of this being simply data recorded in spreadsheets,

    I have them write down their progress along with accompanying feelings.

    For example,

    “Today I used a memory palace to train my brain to encode faster.

    It felt awkward and slow, but the next time round I was much faster.

    By the third time I got it. It felt awesome.”

    While this may not be the best case example,

    adding feelings to data is a great way to better understand and learn.

    It allows the brain to connect the logical side to the thoughtful, intuitive side.

    This is also how our brains best memorise as well.

    The part of the brain that is utilised here is called the “corpus callosum”.

    That’s how we use both sides of the brain.

    Writing down our feelings for the raw data helps us identify our current state.

    It enables us to look deeper into ourselves and ask further questions.

    “What does this mean?”
    “How can I get better?”
    “Is there a pattern I can see?”

    And guess what analysing these questions does?

    It makes us reflect and we learn from that.

    The great thing with journalling also is that if you’re stuck with an issue,

    You can go back to see if you experienced that in the past.

    And have a look to see how you felt and what you did to overcome that issue.

    Learning from reflection by defining meaning of raw data.

    By the way, the reason why I’m writing this post today is that last night

    I updated my phone software to the latest iOS version.

    It installed a journal app, which is what triggered me to write this.

    If you journal and would like to share your use case for it comment down below.

    If you want to change the way you use your brain then let’s have a chat. Contact me.


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