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How Speed Reading Actually Works


    Have you ever tried speed reading?

    If you think speed reading is just reading really fast, skimming or skipping words, you’d be dead wrong.

    You read every single word.

    What makes speed reading fast then?

    Instead of deciphering what each word is, you read context visually.

    Try this:

    When you come across a group of words, see if you can create a visualisation of it, rather than simply reading it.

    For example:

    “This contract must be signed my April 2023”

    Boring statements like these can be made highly memorable and into visuals using your power of imagination.

    Imagine the contract is an old piece of parchment paper or scroll. You have your trusty feather pen and sign the document. You give the document to the Easter bunny to give back to whoever the contract was for the following year in 2023.

    You can of course create your own stories and make them as imaginative as you can.

    I created the above images as they trigger key points in the above statement.

    Parchment paper/scroll = Contract

    Feather Pen = Signing the document

    Easter bunny = April

    This seems like a lot of work just to read a lot better, and it is.

    This is where memory training helps.

    Memory training allows your brain to make faster connections so that you’re not just reading faster, but retaining a whole lot more information.

    Try it yourself and let me know how it goes.


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