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How To Eliminate Memory Palace Ghosting


    So you’ve got your memory palace all nice and ready and have been memorising on them, however you face one slight problem. Ghosting.

    Before I explain further about ghosting, to those that don’t know what a memory palace is you can watch my in-depth video below explaining how it works.

    Very briefly, a memory palace, also known as Method of Loci developed by the Ancient Greeks, is a great memory technique for remembering many items in sequential order.

    So what is ghosting in a memory palace?

    Let’s take a look at an example below.

    Let’s say you have memorised the below words using locations in your memory palace.

    Location 1 – Phone
    Location 2 – Car
    Location 3 – Tree
    Location 4 – Music
    Location 5 – Flower

    You have memorised these words and know them as soon as you think of your locations. Now you go back and memorise new words on to those locations.

    Location 1 – Caramel
    Location 2 – Penguin
    Location 3 – Onion
    Location 4 – Horse
    Location 5 – Traffic

    What can happen as a result of memorising a new batch of items on previously memorised locations is getting the item mixed up with previous memorisation.

    For example, you’ve memorised “Onion” in location 3, but you have recalled the word “Tree” instead.

    Or, what else can happen is you get into a little trouble determining which word was correct. Was it “Onion” or “Tree”?

    It may not matter so much for 5 items. But when you start memorising more than 10 items, it can get quite tricky to decide which word was which. The ghost of the past item can come haunting if you have no strategy!

    What impact can ghosting have?

    You can remember the wrong thing!

    Not only that, but it can affect your overall memorisation approach. If your approach sucks or is weak, then it will always be a challenge for you to remember better. You need to a system to overcome ghosting so you can become a stronger, more reliable memoriser.

    How to avoid memory palace ghosting

    Tip #1: Create more locations to practise on

    Instead of memorising on a single memory palace, creating more memory palaces gives you more locations to memorise on. This means you won’t have to go back as often to a location to memorise.

    Tip #2: Memorise more on each location

    Instead of memorising one item, try two or even three items on one location. You can memorise 20 words on 20 locations using one item per location. Or, 20 words on 10 locations using two words per location. Doing so will cut your use of memory palace locations and make your memorisations efficient and effective.

    Tip #3: Rest your locations, take a break from memorisation

    Taking a break from memorisation is also a good way to avoid memory palace ghosting as it helps the brain to slowly forget in time what you’ve memorised.

    Tip #4: Memorise totally different content

    If you’re memorising words on a memory palace, try memorising other pieces of information like numbers, facts or even names.

    With a bit of practise you can eliminate memory palace ghosting and be better at remembering anything.


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