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How To Be Productive At Work | Time Saving Hacks


    In our whirlwind of a work environment, I’ve stumbled upon a game-changing strategy for managing our time better: the magic of meeting durations and task timing. I’ve learned that our conventional hour-long meetings are not the only way, and that we can achieve our goals much faster and more effectively with a bit of unconventional wisdom.

    Odd timings

    Here’s the kicker: I’ve found that by setting meetings for odd times like 43 or 23 minutes, we can hack our brain’s need for closure to our advantage. These shorter, precise times force us to be more focused and direct. It’s a psychological thing—our brains like to finish tasks, and by creating an odd endpoint, we instinctively work more efficiently to reach it.

    This isn’t just a theory; it’s a practice I’ve put to the test. I used to conduct two-hour coaching sessions, and while they were enjoyable, I realized they weren’t as efficient as they could be. I switched to 10-minute calls, and the productivity of my clients soared. They got straight to the point without the fluff, proving that these compressed timeframes can be incredibly powerful.

    Why it works?

    And why odd numbers? They’re unusual, they stand out. They interrupt the pattern of our thinking and jolt us into action. When I set a task for 23 minutes instead of an hour, I find I’m far less likely to procrastinate. It seems counterintuitive, but by planning for less time, I actually achieve more.

    Of course, this method isn’t a cure-all. Some meetings and tasks will inevitably need more than a mere 23 minutes. What I’m advocating for is not a rigid system but a flexible, thoughtful approach to each task’s unique demands.

    Go ahead and experiment!

    By experimenting with time in this way, I’m not just trying to cram more into my day. Instead, I’m finding that by working smarter and with greater focus, I can enjoy more free time and a sense of accomplishment.

    As I share these insights with my growing audience, I’m excited to see others adopt and benefit from these strategies. It’s about taking a shot with these timing hacks and finding the rhythm that works best for you.

    Working smarter

    So, let’s not just work harder, let’s work smarter. Let’s embrace the odd, the unusual, the seemingly incomplete to push ourselves towards greater productivity and satisfaction. It’s not always about how long you spend on a task, but how well you use the time you have. Here’s to being more productive by being more intentional with our time, and here’s to finding that sweet spot where efficiency meets excellence in our daily work lives.


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