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How To Combat Your Slow Reading Speed


    Are you a slow reader?
    Do you often go back to re-read something to simply just not remember it again?

    I used to be a terrible reader. I would read a couple of pages and my mind had already wandered to everything else except for what was in the text.

    One of the many reasons why I hardly ever read books when I was younger.

    Here are some quick things you can do to combat common reading challenges:

    Visualise what you’re reading

    This will help improve your comprehension and get your brain working to connect the dots. Coupled with memory training this skill alone can help you level up your reading.

    Read with your finger

    Our brain does the reading, not our eyes. Using your finger to read helps guide your brain to pick up content you normally wouldn’t. Try it and see what happens.

    Train your memory

    Practicing memory techniques will help you build stronger mental connections. When you adapt this to reading it will not only help you understand the content better, but help you absorb information and keep it there for longer term.


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