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How To Create Greater Focus With Memory Training


    Having many things on your mind can overwhelm and end up in tasks not being accomplished, procrastination, delays, and even forgetfulness.

    Many of my coaching clients approach me with their goal of achieving greater focus, without realising that their issue is mental overwhelm.

    Fix the mental overwhelm and the result can be greater focus.

    Easier said than done of course, however it is the practice of mindfulness along with memory training that will help you get there.

    My quick tips on creating greater focus with memory training

    Visualise the task intently

    Concentrate on the big and small elements of what you’re doing trying to take in every visual element.

    Use your senses

    Visualisation is only one component. As soon as you start touching, smelling, hearing, and tasting it takes your brain into another level and makes things more memorable.

    Use your imagination

    For a task, exaggerate, change the colour, use the force. This makes it memorable also and detracts from outside noise.

    Use movement and motion

    Animate, see the task from a different angle.

    Use feeling and emotions

    Imagine the feeling of completing the task. How will that make you feel? Feeling is a powerful technique to implement to creating focus.


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