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How To Enhance Your Career (Learn More To Earn More)


    In 2016, I developed an 18-month Mentorship Program taking the lives of selected individuals and transforming them with the skills, lessons, and expertise to drastically make an impact in society, and in-turn themselves.

    For 18 months, these mentees have no idea what hit them, the amazing life-change they experienced, and the opportunities that lie for them in future to significantly enhance their careers.

    In relation to my career, I know what training my memory has done for me. It has given me new found confidence in my abilities to always get the job done.

    It has increased my self-esteem where I am motivated to take clear concise action, without worrying about consequences. It has enabled me to kill procrastination and create laser-like focus so I can do a better job.

    Adding skills such as speed reading, enhanced memory abilities, and the ability to organise large amounts of information very quickly and effectively, are skills that many others don’t write about in their CV.

    Yet, these skills are the ones that bring great value to who you’re working for. Your ability to learn faster and better is in direct correlation to how much more you earn. The fact is — the more you learn, the more you earn.

    Make Yourself Valuable

    If you truly want to stand out from the crowd, you need to have a set of skills that not only differentiate you from others, but at the same token add extreme value to the organisation. This requires doing a couple things:

    1. A list of knowledge, skills, beliefs, behaviours, and resources you will need that will make you valuable.

    2. From that list, taking action and obtaining the knowledge, skills, beliefs, and so on. Making it happen.

    Most people will go to straight to point number 2 and try to make things happen from there. The problem with this is that there is no structure or plan in place for action.

    Therefore, there needs to be a time where you sit down and brainstorm, draw up ideas, write down all your goals, write down all the stuff you need that will help you be valuable.

    From here you will need to create a plan and prioritise. The plan should include things like how long will it take you to obtain the knowledge you seek.

    Who to contact for certain skills. What resources do you need to gather. And so on. Once your plan is made, then the execution on stage 2 begins.

    Take Meaningful Action

    Execution isn’t merely about learning or obtaining the skills you need. Have a think about what would be the best way to get this knowledge. If reading takes time, why not consult someone who knows or approach to get direct coaching.

    This bypasses any unnecessary time wasting and will give you results quicker. Use the 80/20 rule. Approaching your own development with a plan and then executing that plan is a sure way to making yourself more valuable and enhancing your career.


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