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How To Learn ANY Language Fast!


    Most people just want to be able to speak in another language. Here’s a 6-stage process I’ve developed for learning to speak any language at the most basic level.

    1. Gather the materials

    I suggest finding/purchasing any books with 1500 or more phrases.

    2. Memorise and learn pronunciation / phonetics

    It’s important to learn how to speak in that language as best as you can. Learning proper pronunciation is key prior to learning any words and phrases in that language. You may even need to consult someone who speaks that language to make sure what you’re learning is pronounced correctly.

    3. Memorise letters / characters

    Every language has an alphabet so it would be prudent to learn it. Japanese characters for example have many more letters than English, so you will definitely need to employ memory techniques to remember them.

    4. Memorise phrases

    You will need to memorise phrases to learn the language in context. Also, so that you don’t forget soon after. Memory techniques will help you retain the phrases helping you to speak that language a lot sooner with greater confidence.

    5. Review

    Review periods are necessary to avoid retention fade-out and strengthen what you’ve already memorised. This has to be done in a strategic way so the learning is manageable and most of all, effective.

    6. Practise

    Once you’ve learned and memorised your phrases it’s time to put your new skills into action by engaging in conversations. Do you know anyone you can have a chat with in your new language? Find someone and keep practising.

    Memorising more than 1500 phrases will help you speak at the most basic level in any language. That is more than enough to motivate you to take your language skills further.


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