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How To Make Your Speed Reading Work


    Have you tried speed reading previously and have had difficulties implementing the techniques? There are many challenges to speed reading which mostly include retaining what you read.

    There’s no point in reading fast if you’re not understanding.

    Here are a couple of things I usually train my coaching clients that will make your speed reading work.

    👉 Learn to encode first

    Before you dive straight in to speed reading techniques it’s best to train your brain to encode faster. This means undertaking memory exercises to help you encode faster.

    Why is this important? Because speed reading is encoding words into visual information. Once words are encoded visually, the brain “sees” the content which is processed a lot quicker. The result is having increased reading comprehension.

    👉 One way to visually encode better

    Making the sentence memorable by adding further detail. For example, if I came across the sentence, “The contract was signed by John”, I would picture the contract on an old fashioned piece of parchment paper, signed with a fountain pen. The person who signed it was in the toilet (John) at the time.

    When you first start encoding it’s very slow. The more you practice the quicker you get, hence why it’s called speed reading.


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