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How To Manage Overwhelm (Create Greater Focus)


    Feeling overwhelmed?

    If you have too many things on your mind you have too many stories going on inside your brain.

    There was a stage in life I was working many jobs, studying two masters degrees, looking after family/kids, whilst writing my book and dealing with toxic people.

    When there’s too many things going on, not many things tend to happen.

    There is a loss of FOCUS.

    How can you create greater focus and reduce overwhelm?

    Here are 6 tips for you to try that work for me.

    1. Meditation/pray

    2. Practice living in the moment

    3. Memory training

    4. Do one thing at a time

    5. Relax, breathe, take time-out

    6. Exercise

    These may not seem like big things. But practiced regularly, they create great momentum when things hit the fan.


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