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How To Memorise Phone Numbers Fast!

how to memorise phone numbers fast

Here’s a quick 30 second hack to rmemorise phone numbers fast!

Step 1: Create shapes out of digits 0 to 9.

0 = Donut
1 = Pen
2 = Swan
3 = Bird flying
4 = Sailboat
5 = Hook
6 = Elephant trunk
7 = Edge of cliff
8 = Sunglasses
9 = Tennis racquet

Step 2: Create stories out of the phone number with the shapes.

Sample number – 0401234567

04 – I threw a donut into sailboat.
01 – I then picked up the donut and wrote my name on it with a pen.
23 – A swan came and took away the donut, then a bird flew down and took it from the swan.
45 – The bird placed the donut back on the sailboat with a hook.
67 – The elephant came along ripping the donut off the hook and threw it off the edge of a cliff

That’s my silly story. I’d love to see what you create!

Comment down below with your story for the above sample number along with how long it roughly took to memorise.

2 thoughts on “How To Memorise Phone Numbers Fast!”

  1. Halo Ali, I am from Greece, 67 , retired doctor (GP and psychiatrist) and I use a modified method of the “major system”,
    1=Τ, or Γ. 6= Σ
    2 = Π or Ν. 7= Λ
    3 = Μ, Ψ. 8= Θ, Β, Φ
    4= Κ, Ξ 9= Ρ
    5= Δ. 0= Ζ, Χ
    040 1234567
    I am going into a ZaKuZi (Japan bath) (where the Z=0, K=4, Z=0) and as I am into it, I I start to drink milk= ΓαΛα (στα Ελληνικά, in greeks) or to count from 1 to 7 !
    0 4 0. 1 2 3 4 5.
    “στο ΖαΚουΖι, αυΤοΝοΜα ΚηΔεύω την ΣούΛα
    6. 7
    It means that
    I am into a Japan bath , and alone I make a funeral for Saly!
    Make this awkward picture!
    I have read your book “how to learn almost anything in 48 hours” and I follow you!
    Thanks a lot!!

    1. Γειά σου Theodore!

      Great associations, love your Greek Major System 👍

      Appreciate you reading my book and if there’s anything you need reach out.


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