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Leadership: It’s Not About Comfort, Princess

    It’s difficult to be a leader if you’re trapped in safety.

    Safety is comfort.

    Leadership is anything but.

    There’s a certain level of risk.

    There’s sacrifice.

    Sacrifice of your time.

    Sacrifice of your investment.

    Sacrifice of the way you might live your life and work.

    Sacrifice on what others might think of you.

    For the greater good of oneself and the rest of humanity.

    If you value comfort then reconsider being a leader.

    Become a follower.

    And try to learn and analyse how leaders come to be.

    A leader is someone who takes chances.

    A leader is someone who takes the first action.

    A leader is someone that knows that their sacrifices will yield results.

    A leader knows failure is inevitable.

    But so is success.

    And the only way there is through.

    A leader makes more mistakes than anyone else.

    But learns twice as fast to mitigate future ones.

    A leader leads – hence being the first.

    It’s leadership – not I’llseewhatothersdoship.

    A leader has complete ownership.

    This is the reason why I work with leaders.

    We speak the same language.

    We’ve done the hard work.

    We have the same vision.

    But also know our work is never done.

    If you’re someone that is looking for personal growth on another level let’s talk.

    I don’t just help leaders with a weak memory,

    I train their brain to maximise their performance,

    So they can go and lead to their very best self

    And have a massive impact in the world.

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