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Managing Your Self Talk


    Self talk.

    The person we tend to speak to most in our lives is ourselves.

    What we say to ourselves vary from one person to another.

    This talk ultimately dictates the actions we intend to take, or not take.

    During memory competitions in my earlier days, I would not only memorise for the events, but I would be talking to myself at the same time during the process.

    The self talk would go something like this:

    “That was not a great connection, I wonder if I’ll be able to remember it later?”
    “I’m going too fast”
    “I’m going too slow”
    “Time is catching up”
    “I wonder where the other competitor is up to?”
    “What if I mess this up?”
    “It’s not working for me today”
    “I can sure do with a kebab now!”

    Ok, maybe not the last sentence. But you may be familiar or even have had similar self talk before.

    This kind of self talk has no real purpose and can have negative impact. In my case, not doing well in competitions.

    What I started to do was go slower and focus more on getting my memorisation process right.

    It’s amazing to know how much slowing down can speed you up.

    Work on your systems and processes. Get them right. Then start practicing them slowly.

    The better you get at this the quicker you can limit negative self talk and just “do your job” to achieve the outcome you want.


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