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Memory Athlete Secrets: How To Boost Memorization Speed


    A really cool observation from my memory coaching session last week.

    In order to memorise and retain information better, we are taught to create elaborate stories, creative images, and use our imagination extensively.

    However, this goes out the window when you’re already a memory athlete.

    The focus now is not just on effectiveness of recall, but how fast you can memorise.

    Memorising using creative ways takes time.

    We are talking mere seconds.

    But even that can be too long in the world of memory sports.

    Time is something that needs to be shortened when in competition.

    So how do you make it short, yet have an effective result recalling at 100%?

    One trick that worked for me was making ‘boring’ associations.

    The opposite of creative.

    The reason is because as someone who has years and years of memorisation experience, I know how to make things memorable.

    I don’t need to purposefully do this any more.

    Cutting this out means I can make quick connections without all the mental fluff, hence cutting time.

    This makes me go fast!

    As a memory expert I naturally know how to make things memorable anyway.

    So, I rely on my ability to make even the most boring thing memorable.

    Rather than forcing myself to make it memorable.

    The forcing bit is what takes up the time.

    And to be honest, it can also create further stress.

    The trick is to maintain quick speed and slowly keep chipping away at connection performance.

    Meaning – making that ‘boring’ association a titchy bit better each time.

    For my super memory athlete friends, have you tried or currently do this?

    I’d love to hear from you guys as I find this quite fascinating having to make things less memorable in order to remember it.


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