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Memory Tip Monday – Names Memorisation


    Here are 2 steps for you to try out.

    1. Make a word association

    E.g. Tansel = Tinsel, Claire = Bear, John = Toilet (Sorry John’s)

    2. Connect the word association to information about the person.

    Some examples below of both imaginary and real life information about the individual.

    • Tansel has tinsel wrapped around his head

    • Tansel plays his guitar with tinsel

    • Claire tackled a massive bear

    • Claire’s face is smothered in chocolate eclairs as she loves them

    • John is sitting on the toilet playing games on his phone

    • John enjoys playing golf and hits a hole in one into a toilet

    There is no wrong or right way to memorise a name. You just have to have an imaginative story in your mind that associates the word into the narrative.

    I would suggest using real life details to memorise instead of imaginary one’s so you can remember actual details of the person. However, if you are in a situation where you don’t much any info, then use your imagination!

    The process is a lot more fun and powerful than simply repeating someone’s name over and over again.


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