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Memory Training For Higher Performance


    When people want to train their memory, it’s not always necessarily to “remember” better. There is almost always a deeper concern that has not yet been addressed.

    As a coach it’s my job to delve deeper and find out what that issue is and address it so that you not only have the knowledge, but the skills to implement in your daily life as well.

    I once had a client who was terrible with names. When I questioned deeper it turned out that they had a confidence issue, hence we targeted this and got the results.

    Another client told me they had a bad memory in general. When I probed deeper once again, it turned out that the person was not even sleeping properly! When sleeping was advised and certain techniques introduced, their mental capabilities, including memory improved.

    In my almost 20 years of coaching I’ve noticed that:

    • A public speaker doesn’t just want to remember their speech, they want to speak with confidence and create an impact.

    • A professional student doesn’t just want to obtain their qualification, they want to make use of their knowledge in daily life and at work.

    • A musician doesn’t just want to remember their lyrics or notes, they want to entertain.

    • An athlete doesn’t just want to compete and win, they want a mental edge that will give them an advantage.

    Training your memory can not only help you with your memory, but your deeper concerns as well.


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