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Motivation To Learn During A Pandemic


    Covid-19 has thrown daily routines and schedules away for many people causing mental instability, in particular to learning.

    Learning itself is quite an active task. There is a fair bit of effort and energy that goes in to the activity of learning.

    When routines are affected, extra energy is required in order to engage in any learning task. This is where challenges can present and make it difficult for anyone to take on the task of learning.

    If you’re not at work, being at home presents its own difficulties as there are more things to think of.

    The more that’s on our minds, the less we actually get done. In his book, Flow, renown psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi mentions that people at work generally have two things on their mind, compared to an average of seven for those working from home.

    The result of this is that we can get in to flow much better and become more productive when at work, than at home.

    I understand not everyone will be focusing their attention to learning during this pandemic. As a coach, my interest is to understand why those that set this period to work on their learning haven’t yet achieved the desired outcome they were after.

    After all, what a great time to learn right? If you’re one of these people, asking further questions can give you the answers you seek.

    Identify what’s hard. What’s stopping you. Ask yourself “why” five times to try get to the core of the issue.

    Below is a common example of a learning difficulty many clients have come to me with.

    Learning difficulty: “I’m having a difficult time learning Spanish”.

    Why 1 – “Being at home is distracting me from learning it”.
    Why 2 – “I don’t have a proper location to learn, the kids are annoying, etc, etc”
    Why 3 – “Because I haven’t had the time to create the right study environment for me”
    Why 4 – “Too much work, too busy to…”
    Why 5 – “My time management sucks…”

    The core issue in this instance is that the above person doesn’t know how to manage their time (which is usually managing energy) and it’s impacting them on various levels which leads up to them eventually not learning Spanish as well as they’d like.

    Here are 5 tips to help motivate you to learn during Covid-19.

    1. It’s never too late to begin learning anything. You just have to begin. Don’t think about starting. Don’t plan and organise it, don’t dream about it. Just make a damn start

    2. Don’t be afraid of failure. Be afraid of not trying. Effort should be non-negotiable. If it was easy everyone would do it. But it usually isn’t and the ones that succeed are the ones that do the “hard” work and fail several times over. And still get back up to try again.

    3. If you’re having any motivation issues then don’t wait for the “right” time and place to begin. It’s usually never the right time. Don’t wait until you’re 100% ready. Just bloody start already!

    4. Accountability is a natural motivator. If you’re learning with someone else, then you wouldn’t want to let them down now would you? If the activity is solely by yourself then approaching a coach will not only keep you accountable, but give you extra knowledge, skills, guidance and resources to achieve your goals.

    5. There’s always help. Chances are, whatever it is you’re learning there are many others out there having similar challenges. Do a Google search, ask those that have accomplished what you’re after, seek and you shall find.

    Learning during these times doesn’t have to be difficult. It depends on your approach, the amount of energy you have, attitude and mindset. Work on these and you’re well on your way to learning not just through a global pandemic, but any challenging time.


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