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how to remember better

5 Steps For Faster Brain Encoding & Processing

Memory training is practising the skill of memorisation through a series of exercises. There are countless exercises to train your memory. More importantly, is the ability to improve your performance on those exercises which builds up mental capacity, processing speed and strengthens the neural connections created in the brain.

Memorisation Is Not Just Remembering

Trying to remember anything can be stressful. The reason is because there is no strong memorisation process. Repeating something over and over is a weak form of memorisation. Unfortunately, this is all we are ever taught at school. Memory techniques are a set of principles and skills that incorporate storytelling, visualisation and emotion to capitalise on the immense power of your brain to not only remember a whole lot better, but build mental connections to perform at a higher level.

7 Real Life Benefits of Memory Training

Many people believe memory training is just exercising your memory. Whilst this may be true, there are many other real world benefits of memory training. Here are 7 to get you started:

Memory Training For Higher Performance

When people want to train their memory, it’s not always necessarily to “remember” better. There is almost always a deeper concern that has not yet been addressed. As a coach it’s my job to delve deeper and find out what that issue is and address it so that you not only have the knowledge, but the skills to implement in your daily life as well.