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Memorisation Is Not Just Remembering

Trying to remember anything can be stressful. The reason is because there is no strong memorisation process. Repeating something over and over is a weak form of memorisation. Unfortunately, this is all we are ever taught at school. Memory techniques are a set of principles and skills that incorporate storytelling, visualisation and emotion to capitalise on the immense power of your brain to not only remember a whole lot better, but build mental connections to perform at a higher level.

3 Ways To Improve Your Memory Faster

Memory improvement is a gradual process which requires self-discipline and training. So how can you improve your memory faster? Here are 3 ways you can improve your memory faster.

12 Tips To Train Your Memory For Better Consistency

  1. Learn and create a Memory Palace.

  2. Enhance your imagination abilities through models like SMASHIN SCOPE and VAI.

  3. Practice small amounts per day, as opposed to larger chunks

  4. Train with different materials such as numbers, words, names, playing cards, street names, instructions, directions, even other languages.

  5. Use a log tool such as a spreadsheet to track your progress