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Fuelling Your Drive: Effective Strategies for Self-Motivation

Struggling to motivate yourself to complete tasks or manage day-to-day activities? From reports to mundane chores, self-motivation can be challenging. Despite the popular belief that you only need successful habits to fuel your productivity, motivation remains an essential component. It’s what kickstarts the process, and it’s what helps you push through when the going gets tough.

Unlocking Efficiency: Strengthening Your Focus for Greater Productivity

In my experience as a coach, I’ve often been sought out by individuals seeking to improve their focus. More often than not, I find that their lives are characterized by chaos, an influx of numerous activities and thoughts that constantly vie for their attention. If this scenario sounds familiar, let me reassure you that it is indeed difficult to maintain focus amidst such turmoil. However, with a few strategies, you can take back control of your attention.

Complacency Warning!

Quick insight from one of my coaching sessions the other day. My client has been experiencing increased productivity and confidence after implementing various strategies we went through. I asked how they were feeling and they said fantastic and that everything seemed a lot easier and they were more relaxed.

Walking Fast With Racing Thoughts? Slow. Down.

Do you walk fast? Chances are, you could have a lot on your mind. Thoughts racing through your mind a million miles an hour as you hurriedly get to your next thing. When your mind is racing, your body follows and starts to race as well.

Work More Than 50 Hours A Week? Here’s What You Can Do

Are you working more than 50 hours?
Are you feeling accomplished in that time?
Or, do you feel there is still not enough time in the week?

“Busyness is not a means to accomplishment, but an obstacle to it,”
– Alex Soojung-Kim Pang, Stanford scholar and author.