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Remember Names

What To Do To Remember Names Better

Last week in the news President Joe Biden looked like he forgot Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s name. These things can happen. However, in a professional setting it does look bad. Has this ever happened to you? Is this something you’re afraid will happen to you? Forgetting names can be a real fear. I know, because I’ve been training people for close to 20 years helping them with this specific fear.

Why Remembering Names Is Important

Remembering someone’s name is important. But do you know why? Here are just some reasons.

– Makes the other person feel important
– Builds relationships
– Builds trust
– Can be a confirmation of understanding that person whilst they are talking

How To Remember and Memorize Names

Here’s the scenario: You are the CEO of a large organisation. You get called into a meeting where there are several employees and stakeholders present that you haven’t yet met. One by one they reach out to shake your hand and tell you their name. You sit down and prepare yourself for the meeting. However there is just one thing — you’ve forgotten the names of the people you just shook hands with. What a bummer!

5 Memory Exercises For Busy Executives

I work with many stressed and busy executives that always complain about their memory and how they don’t have enough time to do the things they should be doing or learning, such as remembering people’s names! So I’ve decided to share some exercises with you that can help ease the situation and give comfort knowing that you can be much more productive with some basic exercises.