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5 Ways Mindfulness Can Help You Overcome Stress and Thrive in Tough Times

Life can be tough at times, and it’s natural to feel overwhelmed, anxious, or stressed when things aren’t going well. But rather than getting caught up in negative thoughts and emotions, there are techniques you can use to manage your stress and maintain a sense of balance and calm. One such technique is mindfulness.

Walking Fast With Racing Thoughts? Slow. Down.

Do you walk fast? Chances are, you could have a lot on your mind. Thoughts racing through your mind a million miles an hour as you hurriedly get to your next thing. When your mind is racing, your body follows and starts to race as well.

How To Reverse Your Stress!

Feeling stressed?
Whenever you feel stress you’re actually creating stories in your head about a certain situation. The more detail in the story, the greater the stress becomes. Guess what? You can REVERSE this stress using memory principles. By training your brain in memory techniques, you’re learning how to make things more memorable. You also learn and understand what DOES NOT make things memorable. Why is this important for reducing stress?