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tips for busy people

3 Techniques To Reduce Mental Clutter

I had two amazing chats today on Zoom regarding the use of mental energy and mind techniques for mental performance. Often when we are under pressure there are various narratives, scenarios, ideas, thoughts and emotions all mixing with one another which can create overwhelm and/or pressure to perform. A few techniques to reduce mental clutter include:

Being Busy ≠ Being Productive

Ever come across this type of conversation?
“How are you?”
“Very busy, yourself?”
“Oh mate, flat out. Busy as..”
Unfortunately, most people interpret being busy as being productive.
However, this cannot be further from the truth.
Analysing the word “busy”, there’s usually something else going on deep inside you that you can identify as the core problem.

5 Memory Exercises For Busy Executives

I work with many stressed and busy executives that always complain about their memory and how they don’t have enough time to do the things they should be doing or learning, such as remembering people’s names! So I’ve decided to share some exercises with you that can help ease the situation and give comfort knowing that you can be much more productive with some basic exercises.