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The 1 Cool Learning Hack That Works!


    Learning a new skill can be challenging. Often people have been excited about learning that skill to enhance their career or keep them sane, only to give up several weeks or months later.

    Here’s one thing to note – The giving up rarely ever happens when you’re in the process of learning that skill. It happens inside your head and away from the learning.

    Self talk can be motivating, however it can also stall or completely destroy your desire to learn.

    Some things people tell themselves that can stall learning performance:

    – This is too hard (Not excited enough)
    – I’m really busy (Excuses excuses)
    – I’ll start next week (Yeh right)
    – I’ll come back to it (Usually never)
    – I need help (But can’t be bothered)
    – I wonder what’s for dinner tonight? (Out of mind, lost interest)

    Here is one technique I love sharing with my clients.

    It’s called – the “1-minute rule”.

    If you’re ever mentally struggling to get a learning task done, just go and do it for one minute. Once you’re at the task you will keep going!

    Please note: The issue isn’t doing the learning task, it’s getting to the task in the first place. Try this out and see how you go.


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