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The Role of Imagination


    Imagination — we all have it, we all use it, but not all of us know the power that it yields to help us do extraordinary things.

    If you use your imagination, you can remember anything.
    It’s as simple as that.

    When people think of memory, they think of repetition and the stress associated with it.

    We can memorise things through the traditional method of repetition, or we can memorise them by using our imaginations.

    So really there are two ways to remember something:

    • the stressful way (repetition)
    • the fun way (imagination).

    Personally, I have never been excited about laborious repetition.

    If that’s your thing, then great, repeat your life away!

    Otherwise, using your imagination is the best way to greatly enhance your memory and reduce the stress of repetition.

    Not only that, but using your imagination will actually make memorising enjoyable.

    Who would have thought that memorising could be enjoyable?

    If things are enjoyable, then we are engaged.

    And if we are engaged, we can remember more easily, and hence we end up with a better and stronger memory.

    *Excerpt from the book, The Yellow Elephant.


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