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Training Your Memory Leads To Higher Performance


    Training your memory is actually not very difficult. All you need are a set of techniques and ways to train so that you’re working your mental muscles. That’s it.

    Think of it like physical training. If you see someone running on a treadmill, you know they are exercising. Just like physical training, memory training also has various exercises like running on a treadmill, riding a bike or even squats.

    Unfortunately, these exercises are often not known by a majority of people who think playing Sudoku, crossword puzzles and brain apps are training their memory.

    What’s really needed for effective memory training is the ability to encode abstract information. This requires a huge effort of building creativity, using imagination and plenty of storytelling to create associations which help make memories stick. These can only best be done through specialised memory training.

    The more you train through encoding, the faster and better your brain processes information. This means quicker learning, concentration and focus and higher mental performance.


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